Monday, March 15, 2010

sooooooo sorry!

hi guys well i have alot to tell you.Well we had my brothers\owen and will.had there birthday on jan i missed about 5 days of shool.and we went to fantasyland hotel in edmonton mall!it was awsome.we spent aboat 3 hours in the wave pool and then the twins want to go back for the rest of the day.well after we went swimming we saw this sea lion show in the middle of the mall.well after we watched the show i bout a homer simpson stuffy and we saw these colerfull shells in this small store then i saw one moving.then i figred thay were crabs.hermit crabs to be exact.well after she looked at them she said they were kinda cute and i saw one wearing a homer shell and i sai d i had to AVE IT.SO WE WENT back to are room and we asked dad he said for dinner we had this the next day we bout the crabs and home.and thats the end of that story!

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