Saturday, May 16, 2009

my b-day

whow hoo im 8

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sammy the Turtle

Sammy the turtle. Brauwt to you by webkinz.

Sammy the turtle was a very lonly webkinz. All he wanted to do was wach the turtle show on t.v.. He had 2 friends named Mr. Fluffles and cotton candy cat. Mr. Fluffles had a green heart it was a lucky hart. Soon Sammy got bored so he ran away. But ohh noo its cotten candy cat. She is really annoying. She was here all night talking and talking.

When will I ever leave thought Sam.

When cotten candy left something was missing but what?

hmm...he forgot to pack his bags!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mommy do you love me?

happy mothers day. heres a story I wrout to my mommy.

mommy do you love me? yes i do dear one.
how long? untill the whorld ends. and the fish in the sea tern to stars in the sky.
what if i go missing? then i will be whorrid. but id still love you.
what if i go missing and be eatin by a orca? then i whod be scard but i will still love you.
what if i ternd into a bear and chacet you into your igloo? then i whod be mad!
what if i put rats in your soup? then i whaoud be mader.
but... you still whoud love me rite.
of cours.
the end.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cougar vs. Bear

(edited by Mom)

Once upon a time, an animal team was searching through the forest until they heard a "KKKKKAAAAAAA-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!". They searched through the forest until they found a little bear. Then they saw a Mother Bear. She had been shot!! The Animal Team took the baby bear to the animal rescue workshop. When the little bear was 10 he ran away. When he was gone, a hungry cougar saw him so the bear ran away. He climbed up a big tree. But the cougar climbed up the tree as well. Soon the bear fell off the branch and fell deep into the river. KKKKKKAAAAA-POOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP! He floated down the river bank until he floated by the Animal Team. They took him back home and took care of him.

The end.

This is where I got the idea for my story from. From the movie "The Bear".


I am so excited to really have my first blog already. My mom is typing this for me. I promise that I will not be using this blog to talk about anything personal. But it will be a place where I can write my stories to share with everyone.